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Government Stations

USACE Str. Mississippi III - Color - With antennas showing overhead

USACE Str. Mississippi III - 1950 - Call AEUI      USACE Photo

Since the emphasis of this history is on the 10 Public Coast stations information on government stations will not be actively sought.  However, information about them which is received will be incorporated if appropriate and possible.


US Coast Guard Insignia

U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Stations

NMD - USCG Primary Radio Station Ninth District - Cleveland, OH - Great aerial photo - (NMD QSL *)
NMP - USCG Secondary Radio Station - Chicago, IL - Great aerial photo
NOG - USCG Secondary Radio Station - Sault Ste. Marie, MI - 2 images & text

NMG - USCG 8th District - New Orleans, LA - (No Info.) - (NMG QSL *)
NML - USCG Radio Station - Sector Upper Mississippi River - St Louis, MO - 3 images
??? -  Sector Lower Mississippi River - Memphis, TN (Was MNL7 when St. Louis was District 2.)
??? -  Sector Ohio Valley - Louisville, KY - (No Info.)

Per W8SU, Great Lakes CG ships that were active on the CW circuits included the CG Cutters: Tupelo, Woodbine, Woodrush, Sundew, Acacia, Bramble, etc.

The unofficial USCG web site, Fred's Place, has thousands of CG related photos, including these and a few with links shown on the station pages:  Telecommunications and Communications.  Also Wess Wessling's USCG Patch Archive  has loads of applicable CG patches.  The Coast Guard CW Operators Association (CGCWOA) is another web site that may be of interest.


US Army Corps of Engineers Insignia

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
(USACE) Stations

WUD  -  North Central Division Main Station - Chicago, IL - (No Info.)
WUD2 - Buffalo District Station - Buffalo, NY - (No Info.)
WUD3 - Detroit District Station - Detroit, MI - (No Info.)
WUD4 - Chicago District Station?? - Chicago, IL - (No Info.)
WUD6 - St. Paul District Station - St. Paul, MN - (No Info.)
WUD7 - Rock Island District Station - Rock Island, Il - (No Info.)

WUE  -  Ohio River Division - Cincinnati, OH - (No Info.) - (WUE206 QSL *) (WUE248 QSL *)
WUE3 - Pittsburgh District Station - Pittsburgh, PA - (No Info.)
WUE4 - Huntington District Station - Huntington, WV - (No Info.)
WUE5 - Louisville District Station - Louisville, KY - (No Info.) - (WUE511 QSL *)
WUE6 - Nashville District Station - Nashville, TN - (No Info.) - (WUE61 QSL *)

WUF  -  Old ???? Division -  (No Info.)
WUF2 - So. St. Paul, MN - (No Info.)
WUF3 - Rock Island, IL - (No Info.)
WUF4 - St. Louis, MO - (No Info.)

WUG  -  Vicksburg Division Main Station - Vicksburg, MS - (No Info.)
WUG2 - Memphis District Station - Memphis, TN - Several wonderful 1920s-30s photos of the station.
WUG3 - Vicksburg District Station - Vicksburg, MS ?? - (No Info.)
WUG4 - New Orleans District Station - New Orleans, LA - (No Info.)
WUG5 - St. Louis District Station - St. Louis, MO - Article from the District pub. Esprit - Summer 2002

WUH  -  Missouri River Division - Omaha, NE - (No Info.)

* These 6 QSL cards are courtesy of quintessential towboat photographer Jeff Yates.


Corrections and additions to these station lists would be appreciated.