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Photo of the Archivist at his SW receiver

I grew up around the Great Lakes (Alpena, MI and South Bend, IN) and have had a shortwave receiver since 1947.  I also have a long-term and strong interest in the inland rivers, both the steamboat era and modern tow boating.  As I remember, I started listening to the towboat radio traffic almost as soon as I got that first receiver (a Hallicrafters S-38), and to the great lakes traffic when I discovered it a few years later.

In the late 70's to mid 90's I had a Drake TR-7 transceiver with the Aux-7 board set up to receive WCM's 4, 6, 8 and 12 MHz channels. It carried the most traffic and was the strongest "tow" or "laker" station at my Virginia and NC locations.  My current shortwave receiver is a Kenwood R-5000.

I am 75+, a Purdue EE grad., and have been retired from General Electric (mobile radio product design) for a number of years.  I am an amateur radio operator (K4ZAD), but generally prefer listening (amateur and utility stations) to operating.   When I am on the air it's usually on 60M or 17M.   I am also the webmaster for The GE Mobile Radio History Archive and Swing-Sked - a listing of swing era music shows on the Internet.  I currently reside near Raleigh NC which is, unfortunately, very far from the rivers

Tom McKee