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 Listing of Antique Radio Literature for Sale

At a recent hamfest I purchased a small stack of antique radio documents with the idea of listing them here in the hope of uniting some of them with owners of the respective radios.  Unless otherwise noted they are service bulletins, service data or service notes for home entertainment radios manufactured in the 1930s, and early 1940s by GE, RCA Victor, Stromberg-Carlson and Westinghouse.  They are listed by Mfg. in a roughly model number order.   I do not have any owner's manuals for the models listed.  Also at the end of the table are some more recent documents from my files for equipment that I no longer own.  Some of these are noted as copies.

Searching for a model number:  To see if documentation for a model that you are interested is here use the browsers CTRL+F find function.  Don't search for "RCA  KA-9".  Just try KA-9, KA 9 and KA9.

The prices are modest considering that these are all original documents, not copies.  I only hope to recover my purchase price, mailing costs and a little for my trouble.    Purchases will be mailed unfolded in a large envelope via first-class mail with the postage to US addresses included in the price.   This is the only shipping method available.  All sales are final, and as items are sold they will be removed from the list. 

If you are interested making a purchase please contact me first. My C0ntacting US page has my e-mail and mailing addresses and my telephone number. 

Other sources for this type of literature are: AntiqueRadioSchematics ,  Playthings of the PastA. G. Tannenbaum , Steve's Antique Technology and Just Radios  , if these fail you might try my listing of  Sources for Radio & Test Equipment Manuals .

Condition:   The condition information is a quick rough appraisal and is provided as a courtesy only.  The condition and the price are not related.  These documents must have been stored with reasonable care as most are in fairly good condition for their age.  However, all are are at least slightly yellowed. 

    E   =  Excellent   (Slight yellowing - otherwise near perfect)
    VG = Very Good (Yellowing, slight marks, slight edge wear, no folds, stains or tears)
    G  =  Good         (Yellowing, slight (marks, edge wear, folds, stains or tears))
    F  =  Fair            (Deeper yellowing, and/or more noticeable edge wear, marks, folds, stains or tears)
    P  =  Poor          (Deeper yellowing, with substantial edge wear, marks, folds, stains or tears) 

Manufacturer and  Model No. Pages Sche-
Picture Parts
Price Notes
GE  A-54 6 Y Y Y VG $5.00   
GE  A-83 * 8 Y Y Y F $5.00 * Also Covers GE  A-85
GE  A-125 14 Y Y Y VG $6.00  
GE  G-50 * 6 Y Y Y G $5.00 * Also Covers GE  G-55
GE  G-61 * 10 Y Y Y G $6.00 * Also Covers GE  G-66
* Also Covers GE  G-68
* Also Covers GE  G-69
GE  G-95 10 Y Y Y G $6.00   
GE  GD-41 * 2 Y Y Y G $4.00 * Also Covers GE  GD-41-U
GE  GD-52 2 Y Y Y VG $4.00  
GE  H-500U * 6 Y Y Y F $5.00 * Also Covers GE  H-500X
* Also Covers GE  H-500W
* Also Covers GE  H-510U
* Also Covers GE  H-510X
* Also Covers GE  H-510W
* Also Covers GE  H-520U
* Also Covers GE  H-520X
* Also Covers GE  H-520W
GE  H-508 4 Y Y Y VG $4.00   
GE  H-600U * 6 Y Y Y G $5.00 * Also Covers GE  H-600X
* Also Covers GE  H-600W
* Also Covers GE  H-610U
* Also Covers GE  H-610X
* Also Covers GE  H-610W
* Also Covers GE  H-620U
* Also Covers GE  H-620X
* Also Covers GE  H-620W
* Also Covers GE  H-630U
* Also Covers GE  H-630X
* Also Covers GE  H-630W
* Also Covers GE  H-632U
* Also Covers GE  H-632X
* Also Covers GE  H-632W
GE  HJ-612 4 Y Y Y G $4.00   
GE  H-622 * 4 Y Y Y G $4.00 * Also Covers GE  H-623
GE  H-708 * 8 Y Y Y G $5.00 * Also Covers GE  H-736
GE  HB-412 4 Y Y Y G $4.00   
GE  HJ-618AC * 6 Y Y Y G $5.00 * Also Covers GE  HJ-618DC
* Also Covers GE  HJ-619AC
* Also Covers GE  HJ-619DC
GE  HJ-1005 8 Y Y Y G $5.00   
GE  J-71 6 Y Y Y E $5.00   
GE  J-709 2 Y Y Y E $4.00   
GE  J-718 * 4 Y Y Y VG $4.00 * Also Covers GE  J-728
GE  JA-64 1 N Y Partial F $4.00 Auto Radio - Incomplete
GE  JB-508 * 4 Y Y Y F $4.00 * Also Covers GE  JB-513
* Also Covers GE  JB-514
GE  JM-4 2 Y Y Y F $4.00 Record Player
GE  JM-23 2 Y Y Y G $4.00 Wireless Record Player
GE  L-600 2 Y Y Y F $4.00 * Also Covers GE  L-601
* Also Covers GE  L-610
* Also Covers GE  L-611
More Recent GE                   From the 1960s & 70s
GE T1205*
This is a Copy
9 Y N Y G $4.00 *Also GE T1205A
*Also GE T1205B
*Also GE T1205C
*Also GE T 1206A
*Also GE T1206B
*Also GE T1206C
*Also GE C565A
*Also GE C565B
*Also GE C566A
*Also GE C566B
GE C4540A-1* 11 Y Y Y E $6.00 *Also GE C4540B
*Also GE C4540C
RCA Victor  R-4 * 4 Y N Y F $4.00 * Also RCA Victor  R-6
RCA Victor Console R-10 2 Y N Y F $4.00 Fair but missing 0.5" at a corner
RCA Victor Radiola R-11 2 Y N Y F $4.00   
RCA Victor R-21 4 Y N Y F $4.00   
RCA Victor RAE-26 4 Y N Y G $4.00   
RCA Victor Radiola Electrola RE-18 4 Y N Y F $4.00   
RCA Victor Radiola Electrola RE-18A 4 Y N Y F $4.00   
RCA Victor  RE-19 4 Y N Y F $4.00   
RCA Victor Radiola Automatic Electrola  RAE-59 4 Y N Y F $4.00   
RCA Victor  R-71 * 4 Y N Y G $4.00 * Also RCA Victor  R-72
RCA Victor  C11-1 12 Y N Y VG $6.00   
RCA Victor  T6-9 8 Y N Y G $5.00   
RCA Victor  T6-11 * 8 Y N Y VG $5.00 * Also RCA Victor  C6-12
RCA Victor  6M * 12 Y Y Y F $6.00 * Also RCA Victor  6M2
RCA Victor  K50 4 Y Y Y P $4.00   
RCA Victor 15X * 2 Y Y Y F $4.00 * Also RCA Victor  36X
RCA Victor  VHR-212 16 Y Y Y G $6.00   
Parts Price List for
500 Series Receivers
9 N N Y F $5.00 For S-C Models
2 N Y Partial G $4.00 Incomplete - Also need  Model 455 Info.
Stromberg-Carlson 600 4 N Y Y F $4.00    
Westinghouse  WR-4 24 Y Y N F $7.00   
OTHER DOCUMENTATION                     
Hewlett-Packard 325 B Distortion Analyzer 8 Y N Y F $4.00 HP 325B  -  This is a copy
Hewlett-Packard 400A Vacuum Tube Voltmeter 8 Y N Y F $4.00 HP 400A - This is a partial copy of the manual
Boonton Radio Corporation 202C Signal Generator 22 Y Y Y F $4.00 Boonton 202C  -  This is a copy
Boonton Radio Corporation 207-E Univerter 15YYYG$4.00Boonton 207-E  -  This is a copy
Japan Radio NRD-525 U,E & J 26 N Y N E $4.00 Passport  White Paper for the Rx
Kenwood R-5000 Receiver 31 N Y N E $4.00 Passport  White Paper for the Rx
Lampkin Laboratories 15 Y Y N E $4.00 Advertising and instructions for several Lampkin products.
Realistic PRO-20
Pocket Scan
13 Y Y N G $4.00 This is a copy
Realistic PRO-2004 Scanner 77 Y Y Y E $12.00 Original Service Manual
Realistic PRO-2006 Scanner 80 Y N Y E $12.00 Original Service Manual
Zenith 16J27Q
Table TV
Photofact Set 605
Folder 3
- Y Y Y VG $5.00 Also Zenith 16J27QS
Also Zenith 16J27QT
Also Zenith 16J27T
Also Zenith 16J27TU
Also Zenith 16J27U
Emerson 120671E
TV/Radio/Phono Combo
Photofact Set 743
Folder 2
- Y Y Y VG $5.00 Also Emerson 120673D
Also Emerson 120697A
Also Emerson 120697E
Also Emerson 120698D
Also Emerson 120702E
Also Emerson 120740F
Also Emerson 120743E
Also Emerson 120744G
Also Emerson 120753J
General Radio 1603-A Z-Y Audio Frequency Bridge43YNYG$6.00
Tektronix 321A 6MHz Portable Oscilloscope 3 N Y N F $3.00 Specifications and options only
This is a copy
Hewlett-Packard 331A Distortion Analyzer 50? Y Y Y E $10.00 HP 331A and HP332A
Kenwood CC-29 Crystal Converter 4 Y Y N F $3.00 Also Kenwood CC-69
This is a copy
Sony SLV-900HF Op Manual70NYNE$6.00Not a service manual
Sony VTR/TV RMT-V129     -     -     -     -VG$6.00Remote Crtrl. for above VCR

Note: This page is not related to other content on this site, but the Site's search function will find items on this page.  The only link back to this page is on the Links page.

To see if documentation for a model that you are interested is here use the browsers CTRL+F find function rather than the Site Search on the Home page.  CTRL+F will give quicker and better results.

Some interesting antique radio literature that can be found at another site are all issues of the GE Ham News (1946 to 1963) and some issues of  the RCA Ham Tips (1938 to 1970) in PDF format. If you have any copies of the RCA Ham Tips please visit the RCA Ham Tips page and see if you can help the webmaster fill in any missing issues.