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2012 Index

Posted by MacZad
Dec 17 2012

For my final entry for 2012 I thought it would be good to index the year's entries. A little checking of page popularity and some organization produced the index below.

Credit for the popularity of many of the pages goes to my Twitter followers who have viewed, and often re-tweeted, them to their followers. @MacZad thanks you all, and I wish all a happy holiday season and a great 2013.

Blogging again in January!


MacZad's Musings - 2012 Blog Index

There are 5 categories below. The cartoons are at the bottom.

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This Index
Contraception and Religion
Seven Quotes Appropriate to Our Current Situation
My "Fiscal Cliff" Letter to President Obama
A Different Take On The "Fiscal Cliff"


Slouching Toward Theocracy By Our Votes
The Rise of Inequity Since 1980
Pity the Poor GOP Strategist
Who creates jobs? Surprise- we do.
The Grand Con
Creating Realities?
Thoughts About Money and Motivation
A Christian Nation?
Some Wisdom From The Mouths Of Republicans
The Wisdom of Henry Ford
Father Charles Coughlin, et al
Do You Get Your "News" From Fox News?
Some Quotes Of Note
The Rejection of Knowledge
Debt Reduction Isn't Paul Ryan's Goal
Grover Norquist's Anti-Tax Pledge
Some Links Of Interest


The Foundation - The Fellowship - The Family - C Street
On The Need For Political Engagement
Books - Greedy Bastards & Why Nations Fail
Wisconsin's Recall 
The Two Faces of Regulation
The Danger of Disillusionment
The Second Amendment Craziness Of Our Leadership
Motivation Revisited - With a Focus on Wall Street
The Democrats Won, But Citizens United Still Matters
It's A Grand Old Flag
Because They Can - Part 1
Rail Transit - A Local Issue


Election 2012 - Questions for Candidates
Not In The Top 1%? - Then Why Vote Republican?
A Most Interesting Thing About The Political Convertions
Nikki Haley's Hard Sell
Romney - The Businessman?


The Sunday Funnies - Congressional Style
From An E-Mail - Awesome Humor!
Conservatives Embracing Evolution?

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