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Some Links Of Interest

Posted by MacZad
Oct 24 2012

My recent joining of Twitter ( @MacZad ), and likely too much time spent on it, has brought to my attention the thoughts of others which I would not have otherwise found. I'll share links to a few of the more interesting ones in this posting:

It's hard to imagine conservative economist Ben Stein calling for higher taxes on Fox News, Here's the dope from the Raw Story.

Watch this video to get the full story on the deficit chart above. It's devastating but note that only the last 3 years are on Obama's watch as the 2009 budget was set by the outgoing Bush administration.

Surprise, the normally conservative Forbes Magazine recently carried this article, "Want a Better Economy - History Says Vote Democrat!"

Here's Market Watch from the conservative Wall Street Journal with, "The Obama spending binge never happened," Government outlays rising at slowest pace since 1950s.

Forbes counters the idea that fewer will want to become doctors because of Obamacare with, "So Much For Obamacare Anxiety: Record Number Want To Become Doctors."

I haven't been able to figure out why so many of the 99% get taken in by the 1% and cast votes that continue the wealthy's domination of our country. Some thoughts about it in, "Republicans Twist Capitalism Into a Democracy Killer."

In this Common Dreams article Mark Morford highlights the rather large difference in the way that men and women view the presidential candidates: "Frightened Men Love Romney."

How the Private Sector Failed America by Hal Donahue makes the case that in the past a social contract fostered corporate-government cooperation which was good for the corporations and the country, but that the contract has been shattered and the country is decaying as a result.

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