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A Most Interesting Thing About The Political Convertions

Posted by MacZad
Sep 20 2012

There was a most interesting contrast between the Republican and Democratic conventions - the stark difference in the treatment of two former presidents.

The Democrats gave former president Bill Clinton a prime time slot for his speech at the DNC. At the RNC the Republicans did not have former president George Bush speak at all.

There's a not so subtle message to be inferred from those decisions by party leaders. Of course the Democrats are proud of Bill Clinton; he was a popular president who governed well. They wanted him on the program to capitalize on his legacy. But what of the Republicans? By not having George Bush, the last Republican president, speak at the convention they all but disowned him. Poor George. However, the guys running the Romney campaign aren't dummies and George's record is not something that they wanted to dwell on.

However, even though Romney and Ryan aren't Bush and Cheney the policies that they espouse are very much like those of the Bush-Cheney administration. The people are different but the mindset is the same so if they are elected we can expect:

  • Adherence to the idea that almost every problem can be solved by cutting taxes.
  • Reluctance to do the government's regulatory functions - not regulating the financial industry gave us the 2008 crash.
  • Allegiance to the oil industry and reluctance to move toward alternative energy sources.
  • Strong funding of the US military for operations throughout the world - at the expense of domestic programs.
  • Repressive social legislation favored by fundamentalist Christians.
  • Staunch conservative appointees to the Supreme Court giving us even more corporate favoritism.

There's more evidence in this NY Times article that the Bush and Cheney policies have Romney's support. However, he's endorsing them only during private meetings with campaign donors, not publically .

These policies didn't leave George Bush with a good record and it's not logical to expect that the results will be any better for Romney.

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