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The Rejection of Knowledge

Posted by MacZad
Aug 29 2012

In the spectrum of knowledge ranging from complete understanding to total ignorance:

  • There is truth - facts proven by the scientific method,
  • There are vast unknowns where science has not yet triumphed
  • And there is dogma where perhaps the truth is still unknown but often where the truth is known but is being rejected.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of the population seems to have a disdain for scientists and scientific knowledge, and they reject facts in favor of dogma. In the political realm they elect dogmatic politicians who write laws based on their nonscientific and flawed understanding of the world. My favorite Mark Twain quote is right on the mark:

"The trouble with the world is not that people know too little; it's that they know so many things that just aren't so."

How can we be positive about our country's future when so many of our leaders legislate and administer based on disproven dogma rather than on proven facts. So we get,"Garbage in garbage out," results.

It is mainly, but not exclusively, Republican politicians that employ faulty logic on so many issues. On the democratic side a notable dogma is the liberal rejection of genetically engineered crops even though all that has happened is that modern science has accelerated the selective breeding process that has been used for thousands of years.

During the Bush junior administration the suppression, manipulation and ignoring of science was so bad that Chris Mooney wrote a book about it: The Republican War on Science. It's a stinging indictment.

Man, they can't get to our politicians fast enough for me.

To weed out politicians with dogmatic beliefs we, and the media, need to be asking candidates questions like: How old do you believe the earth to be? Any answer other than an unqualified "billions of years" indicates a candidate with such a warped sense of reality that he/she is unfit to govern and is undeserving of our votes.

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