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The Second Amendment Craziness Of Our Leadership

Posted by MacZad
Jul 24 2012

With reference to the Colorado massacre several of the TV/Internet news outlets have been asking: Why?

The answer is easy. This was a massacre rather than a much smaller scale random killing because our leaders and courts haven't the collective intelligence to understand that permitting the populace to own assault weapons also empowers the inevitable crazies to do exactly what this one did.

These weapons aren't for hunting; their only purpose is to kill other people. Some of the gun-rights folks claim that they need them to protect against coming governmental tyranny. Well, if that's the reason that they are needed the right-wing politicians had better get busy trying to also grant rights to own bazookas and surface-to-air missiles because if a tyrannical government comes it will deploy tanks, helicopter gun-ships, drones, etc. and mere AK-47s will be relatively impotent.

Here's a good article on the subject: Look, Can We Please At Least Agree On One Thing About The 'Right To Bear Arms'?

And a "tongue-in-cheek" one by News & Observer columnist Barry Saunders who proposes that everyone be armed - with muskets: Time for leaders to shoot from the lip

Given today's weapons, does anyone really believe that founding fathers would write the Second Amendment to permit AK-47 ownership by the populace? Oh, but the founding fathers didn't have to worry about the NRA, reelection or a Supreme Court did they? It's clear that our leaders do - to the extreme.

It's just further evidence that there must be something unknown in the Washington, DC water supply that suppresses common sense.

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