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On The Need For Political Engagement

Posted by MacZad
Jun 02 2012

We hear a lot these days about the vast difference in income and assets between the 1% and the 99%. (Graphs here and here ) Of course, the rich have always had higher incomes, and that's not necessarily bad. However, the use of wealth and the power it bestows to relentlessly lobby for favorable government policy and tax treatment to further skew the distribution of income upward is wrong. This has been going on for at least three decades and has resulted in our democracy essentially becoming a plutocracy - rule by the wealthy.

We, the 99%, have allowed this to happen: (1) by a disinterest in the political process - who wins Saturday's game, the American Idol competition or social websites get far more attention than politics and elections, (2) by a failure to vote in primary elections thus allowing those on the political fringes to go on to success in the main elections, and (3) by giving social issues, not economic ones, the greater weight in our political decision making process. 

However, there are signs of hope. The Occupy Wall Street movement put the frustrations on the front pages, but was unlikely to be successful. More likely to begin reversing the situation is the movement underway to amend the constitution to declare that corporations are not people.

You can be fairly sure that the plutocrats' aren't on Facebook or concerned with Saturday's game or the latest Idol winner. They're focused on directing their lobbying dollars to those politicians most likely to help them maintain and advance their favored position. To counteract the plutocrats and restore our democracy the rest of us need to be pushing back. We can start by giving economic and political issues more attention.

Food for thought about issues that matter will be the main thrust of future posts. 

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