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Rail Transit - A Local Issue

Posted by MacZad
Jun 24 2012

As stated in my About posting I lean toward being socially progressive and fiscally conservative. An issue here in NC's Triangle area is a proposed public-transportation plan that includes rail transit. My fiscally conservative side takes over here as rail transit for this area is one of the local planners' Utopian ideas that will provide little benefit and saddle the taxpayers with its excessive costs. Charlotte has a light-rail line, and I believe that the real concern of local planners is that without rail transit The Triangle will lose bragging rights.

Here's Spread-out Reality, my opinion letter debunking the plan's rail option, that appeared in the News & Observer on 6/24/12.

I don't agree with the John Locke Foundation's stand on most issues, but they have it right with Light-rail Folly in the same N & O issue.

Governments we need - but they must spend our money wisely.

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