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Election 2012 - Questions for Candidates

Posted by MacZad
Jun 16 2012

We must begin the effort to take back our government from the plutocrats who now almost control it. It won't be an easy task, but it is an essential one if our country is ever to return to its former greatness. We need to understand the candidates positions on significant issues in this battle. Here are several questions for candidates in the November elections that should be asked by the media and in town hall meetings and televised debates.

  • Do you believe that the Supreme Court's decision in the Citizens United case, which has allowed unlimited corporate money to flow into political campaigns, was in the best interest of the country? Any answer other than an unqualified no indicates a candidate undeserving of our votes. Further, will you pledge to vigorously support efforts for a constitutional amendment to negate this decision? Only a yes answer should garner our support.

  • The Americans for Tax Reform leader Grover Norquist has stated, "Our goal is to shrink government to the size where we can drown it in a bathtub." Have you supported this goal by signing his anti-tax pledge? Lawmakers who have signed it have essentially delegated the tax legislating duties of their office to a Washington lobby; thus they are not fully-functioning legislators and don't deserve our votes.

  • Prior to the 2008 financial crash the prevailing wisdom was that markets were self correcting and no government regulation of them was required. If that was your view prior to the crash, do you still adhere to that view? A yes answer indicates a candidate still wedded to a failed economic philosophy. Further, will you pledge to support the drastic reforms that still have not been taken to assure that the 2008 debacle isn't repeated? To receive our support a yes answer should be required.

  • Do you mostly agree with this statement: Wall Street has strayed from its original mission of helping to finance American business and instead has become the site of giant gambling and extortion operations whose main goal seems to be siphoning as much as possible from the economy? A no answer probably indicates a candidate deeply dependent on Wall Street contributions and undeserving of our support. Further, will you pledge to support the strong reforms necessary to return Wall Street to its original mission? Answering yes should be a requirement for our votes.

  • How old do you believe the earth to be? Any answer other than an unqualified "billions of years" indicated a candidate with such a warped sense of reality that he/she is unfit to govern and is undeserving of our votes.

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