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As work on this site progressed it became apparent that locating people was a very frequent need.  The Internet's power was harnessed to facilitate the locating process, and this list of specialized search sites was developed.  Perhaps  you will find it useful when you need to locate someone.

Services that are free are strongly favored, but many of these free services also have additional information available for a fee.  However, by combining the free capabilities of several services it's usually possible to get an address and telephone number for a person without resorting to the "for-fee" services.  Since my need is to locate people there is less emphasis on reverse lookup capabilities, and even less on the many other types of public record searches.

How To Do It

Free People Search Tips & People Finder How-to Guide  -  The tutorial here gives many tips on how to find out almost anything.  Emphasizes free resources.

People Search Sites

AnyWho - This is AT&T's telephone lookup page.  Most up-to-date, and very helpful.  However, it (and the search services below) does not include cell-phone numbers, and hence people relying exclusively on cell phones are almost impossible to locate without paying a fee.  If a telephone number obtained via one of the search services below fails when cross-checked on AnyWho consider that the last 7 digits may be OK but that the area code has changed. 

411.Com - Lookup by Street Address -  This excellent free site has Find People, Reverse Phone and Reverse Address tabs. Reverse Address will return all the addresses (where there are telephone numbers) on part of a street if the street is entered with a number range as: [1900-2000] E Main (Note the [ - ] are required).  Results include the name and telephone number for each address found. Useful for finding neighbors when an address is known but the telephone number is unlisted. - Can search for: people, reverse lookup, neighborhood lookup and ZIP codes.  Shows phone numbers and addresses. Seems to be able to find people and show addresses even for people who do not have listed telephone numbers. 

Reverse Phone Directory - Excellent free site. Has boxes for people and reverse phone number lookup. The people search returns a nice clean list of matching names with address and phone # information. 

ZabaSearch - This is a powerful people search site, which (for less common names) can be searched on a nationwide basis.  It gives addresses and often the telephone number and an indication of the age of the person.  The Age range is unclear, but appears to be at least +/- 5 years on less common names. Problems: The site often gives too many hits for the same person with many of the hits being for old addresses and/or old telephone numbers. Presents the results in a balloon on a map.

Skipease - This site has changed.  It now uses above for its searches.  However, the home page has other free search site suggestions some of which do not appear on this page. 

ZoomInfo - Find people at companies or universities.  Excellent for universities, but usually only finds top-level people at companies.

CVGadget - Enables multiple searches of several contemporary websites for people who have a current Internet presence.  Usually not any good for older folks.

Spokeo - Without a fee the Address Search returns names and property values for the neighborhood but no phone numbers. All other results require payment.

FCC Amateur Search - Many of the people associated with marine radio are also amateur radio license holders, and the multiple search capabilities of this FCC page helps locate them.

Canadian Amateur Search - Search by call sign or name via the Radio Amateurs of Canada web-site.

Social Security Death Index - After all else fails  - Maybe they can't be found because they have passed away.

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